Empowering Canadian Job Seekers through their Career Transition  journeys, since 1981.  


 Outplacement for Everyone.

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We are Career Transition and Outplacement Specialists

Professional, compassionate support for HR Teams and new Job Seekers across Canada.

Full-Service Outplacement

Choose a customized program for your outgoing employee that is packed with practical career transition tools, personal and financial coaching.

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Basic Outplacement

Provide the fundamental components of a successful career transition program to confirm one's direction, and develop a professional presentation of their skills and experience.

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Virtual Outplacement

Give proven, in-depth career transition tools and strategies through our step-by-step, self-managed online program designed to empower new job seekers.

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Human, Holistic, and Genuinely Helpful!


At CMS we understand the stress and worry that comes with both delivering difficult news, and with receiving it.
Since 1981, CMS has been built on the foundation of providing compassionate, professional support that is human, holistic and genuinely helpful to the HR Managers we support, as well as to new job seekers. We believe that everyone is entitled to outplacement and career transition help no matter their level, and we maintain reasonable fees to ensure our services are accessible to most organizations.
We understand that providing outplacement support is not a legal requirement. To that end, we are committed to demonstrating just how fundamental it can be to one's future success by ensuring the consistent delivery of practical and effective tools, personalized coaching as well as financial counselling support to our job seekers.
CMS has developed a reputation for integrity, accountability, reliability and compassion - and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can support your HR team and your employees through unavoidable organizational changes.
Louise Hack, President and Chief Career Coach


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Additional HR Support Services  

Provide meaningful support to your former or existing team members through the following services:

Sensitive Meeting Support

Let us help you with difficult employee meetings, onsite or remotely. Professional, compassionate support for your team leaders and outgoing employees.

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Group Webinars & Workshops

Let us teach your outgoing groups of 10 or more, the best practices regarding effective résumé writing and interview preparation.

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High-Performance Coaching

Let us create a personalized program to enhance mindsets, and help your valued team members to perform at the level you know they are capable of!

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Third Party Exit Interviews

Let us develop the insights you need about why valuable people are leaving, through candid one-on-one interviews and detailed reports.

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Our Mission

Once an employee has absorbed the shock of no longer being employed, their mind generally turns to the challenge of replacing their income.  For most people, having to navigate today’s fast-moving job market by themselves is a lonely and frustrating prospect.  

Therefore, the goals of our outplacement programs are to provide practical, modern tools, and meaningful, strategic solutions through personalized coaching and program customization to help one achieve their career objectives, and keep their time between jobs to the minimum.

Every CMS team member feels personally responsible for the work we do for our job search candidates and the HR Managers who introduce them to us. We are all fully aware that our candidates’ success is also our success and reputation and we passionately work to protect both.


Professional, Compassionate, and Meaningful Career Transition Support.

We look forward to helping you

What some of Our Happy Clients say

HR Manager, Insurance Sector

"We have utilized the expertise and support of CMS on many occasions and can speak to the professional nature and coaching skills that Louise and her team have. In many cases, I have needed their assistance with only a moment’s notice but Louise has always responded promptly and ensured services were provided. We rely on them and have never been let down! CMS provides exemplary service."

Director of HR, Manufacturing Sector 

"If you are looking for a reliable partner to help you with difficult meetings and to support your staff through unavoidable career transition, give CMS a call. I have worked with CMS for 12+ years, and can vouch for their professionalism, their compassion and their human approach to supporting HR and our employees. CMS is a versatile and creative group who is always willing to develop a solution that works best for our team."

VP of HR, Hospitality Sector

"The CMS team¬†has been a highly responsive and collaborative partner for¬†our organization. They are¬†there when needed outside of normal business times to respond to inquiries outside of their¬†time zone. They are¬†helpful and flexible ‚Äď coming up with solutions that meet our needs. They are¬†open to feedback and action accordingly. I would recommend CMS for¬†your outplacement needs."


HR Manager, Healthcare Sector

"Louise and her team have a difficult job of supporting organizational restructures and terminations. Not only are they supportive, professional and democratic during the event/meeting, but they provide excellent support to their candidates while in transition. The CMS team is flexible, and have supported me in very last-minute requests as the business needs changed. I’m happy to recommend Louise and her team to support you in your organization’s transitional needs."

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