Third-Party Exit Interviews

The Benefit of Objectivity

The goal of CMS Third-party Exit Interviews is to provide you with the ammunition needed to understand what makes people happier and more productive at work, increase employee engagement, and to ultimately reduce the loss of valuable team members.

Candid exit interviews with an outside consultant become important in cases where there are increased volumes of unexplained departures or when you simply want to get an independent perspective on the underlying reasons of why an employee has chosen to leave the organization. 

Third-party Exit Interviews between your former employees and a CMS consultant can help in identifying patterns of why people leave, gain a better understanding of the former employee's issues of concern within the work environment enabling you to make policy or structural changes that better engage employees for the future.

Through a candid one-on-one conversation and the subsequent detailed report, our goal is to help inform action plans to increase employee engagement and reduce the turnover of your valuable staff.

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