High-Performance Coaching Programs

Coaching to Enhance Employee Performance, and to make it Sustainable.

The objective of the CMS high-performance coaching program is to help your team members increase their self awareness, overcome their limiting beliefs and empower themselves to achieve amazing results for themselves, their families, and for the organizations they work for.  

High-Performance Coaching can be especially effective for those finding difficulty in transitioning to remote work environments, for those teams who have seen a shift in their workloads or for those who continuously struggle with peer relationships at work. 

Our certified Performance Coaches are brain trainers, and success psychology trainers. They use a science based coaching process that is designed to build positive, repetitive behaviours that become part of one's autopilot behaviour, driving their overall performance to the next level.

CMS High-Performance Coaching Programs are based on a system of accountability and are customized according to desired outcomes.


The focus of our High Performance Coaching Program is to build self-awareness and emotional intelligence, resulting in your team member's ability to:

  • Have a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves.
  • Address roadblocks and implement strategies to overcome them.
  • Build strong Emotional Intelligence to increase¬†self-control, better understand others and learn how to engage with people in all situations.
  • Resolve conflicts and understand what they can¬†control vs. what they can‚Äôt.
  • Identify and address limiting beliefs which do¬†not positively serve their life or work.
  • Build core confidence by exploring individual strengths, reinforcing self worth.
  • Identify individual needs and how¬†to meet them in empowering ways.
  • Identify goals, and create clear action plans to meet them.
  • Create sustainable change, not just at work, but in every area¬†of their life by implementing daily strategies and tools.
  • Move forward with a new mindset and self-identity after exploring past traumas or experiences that may need to be healed.
  • Clarify and align their values with¬†action, building behaviour habits through¬†accountability.
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