About our Full-Service Outplacement Programs


Every job search is extremely personal, and is highly competitive.

For most people, having to navigate today’s fast-moving job market by themselves is a lonely and frustrating prospect.  To that end, the goal of our full-service outplacement program is to provide meaningful, practical and personalized assistance to keep one’s mind at ease and their time between jobs to the minimum.

As you can see below, we offer a variety of full-service outplacement program service levels to meet your organizational needs and budgets.  All of our service level options ensure the provision of quality resources and support.

Each CMS full-service outplacement program is customized for the candidate enrolled at the beginning of the process through discussion with their personal program coach. Current life circumstances, existing skills-sets, future goals and market conditions are all taken into consideration in the development of a job search plan.  These discussions may result in planning around retirement, entrepreneurship, retraining, lateral or vertical job shifts.


The Three Pillars of Our Full-Service Outplacement Program



Personalized Program Coaching to create a sense of empowerment, confidence and optimism for the future.

Each program is managed by a dedicated, proactive and qualified program coach who works one-on-one with our job search candidates via phone or video conferencing. 

Access to CMS program coaches is unlimited for the duration of their program.

Programs can be stopped and restarted according to individual circumstances ensuring zero program time lost.  

In addition, we are always happy to provide post program support providing direction regarding topics such as reference letters, networking, obtaining testimonials, working with search firms, handling offer negotiations etc., even after a candidate has completed their program.




Practical Job Search Tools and Strategies to create the biggest pool of potential job opportunities.

All CMS job search candidates have 9-months access to our proprietary program, The Canadian Career Management System©.  A step-by-step, online program which includes videos, personal exercises, examples and the latest job search strategy tools and resources through four detailed program modules.

CMS Program Coaches guide their candidates through the course material according to the customized career transition plan developed for each person.




Professional Financial Counselling to relieve the stress caused by the sudden lack of employment and subsequent loss of income. 

Personalized Financial counselling is provided to each full-service program participant by an independent Certified Financial Planning Professional (CFP).

Our CFPs are not affiliated with any bank or financial institution ensuring objective, friendly and practical advice.



Choose a Program Duration

Depending on the individual circumstance of your outgoing employee, and your budget, choose the program duration that best meets your needs.  All program components are as described above.


Choose our BRONZE program

6-weeks of proactive support

Choose our SILVER program 

3-months of proactive support

Choose our GOLD program

6-months of proactive support

Choose our PLATINUM program 

9-months of proactive support


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Other program options:

Basic Outplacement
Virtual Outplacement