About our Virtual Outplacement Program

Self-Managed and Self-Paced Career Transition Assistance


If you’re unsure that a full-service outplacement program will be fully utilized by some, you may choose to offer our virtual outplacement program.  It provides meaningful, practical job search tools to your outgoing employees, but also saves your budget.

By providing your outgoing employees with access to our proprietary and copyrighted online job search assistance program, you will help them to develop and implement job search strategies that are proven to be effective.

Our self-paced, online program includes 100+ pages of easy-to-follow, in-depth, proven career planning and job search philosophies, tools, techniques, resources, personal exercises, videos and hundreds of examples through four comprehensive modules. 

Please contact us for a complete Table of Contents of the program and to learn more about our Virtual Outplacement Programs.


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Other program options:

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