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Our candidates success is also our success and reputation

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To our HR colleagues,

As summer begins to close through September, I thought I would take this opportunity to re-introduce you to the full-service outplacement programs at CMS and how we might be able to help your employees if organizational changes are in the cards. 

As you are well aware, when an employee is told their services are no longer required, their mind quickly turns to the problem of replacing their income. For most people, having to navigate today’s fast moving job market by themselves is a lonely and frustrating prospect.  

To that end, the goal of our full-service outplacement programs at CMS is to provide meaningful, practical and personalized assistance to keep one’s time between jobs to the minimum. Ultimately, at CMS we are in the ‘helping business’ and every member of our team feels personally responsible for the work we do for our candidates and the HR Managers who introduce them to us. We are all fully aware that our candidates’ success is also our success and reputation, and we work hard to protect both. 

3 Pillars of Program Support 

Our full-service outplacement program can be defined by three pillars, ensuring a holistic approach to career transition:
* Personal / life coaching; to create a sense of empowerment, confidence and optimism for the future.
* Practical job search assistance tools and strategies; to create the biggest pool of potential job opportunities.
* Professional financial counselling; to relieve the stress caused by the sudden lack of employment and subsequent loss of income.

In addition it includes:
* Unlimited Program Coaching
* Personalized Program Planning & Formal Career Assessment
* Professional Résumé & Document Writing
* In-depth Interview Preparation
* Practical Skills Marketing (including Market Research & List Development)
* Access to Practical On-line Resources (CMS’ proprietary Canadian Career Management System©; our interactive website)
* Financial Counselling (by an independent CFP Professional)Zero Program Time Lost (due to unforeseen or personal circumstance)
* On-going Support (these discussions may result in planning around retirement, entrepreneurship, re-training, lateral or vertical job level changes)

If you do not already have a copy of our current HR Managers Guide, please connect with me directly and I will be happy to send you a copy as it details our company, services and program options.  We would be pleased to help make any organizational changes easier on both you and your outgoing employees. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the rest of this summer weather!

Louise Hack