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Woman on phone with recruiter

Résumé Marketing - Utilizing Recruiter and Employment Agency Resources

Jul 20, 2022

When working to market your résumé, you must develop the largest pool of job opportunities possible by addressing as many potential résumé marketing avenues as possible. One way of doing so is through the use of Recruiters and Employment Agencies - and there are a few lessons to that effect:


Lesson 1

The first thing you need to do is to understand what these groups actually do, how they work and what the differences are between Recruiters and Employment Agencies.  You must also research how one group will be a better resource than the other depending on the type and level of job you are looking for.


Lesson 2

We encourage you to search through posted vacancies and upload your résumé to recruiter websites to be matched with future opportunities.  In fact, we offer candidates a list of Canadian organizations to review and connect with.


Lesson 3

It is also important for to protect your interests by being aware of potential, ill-intentioned imposters.  Those who present themselves as recruiters in order to make money through identity theft, data mining and phishing schemes.  If you are feeling unsure about a particular contact we advise them to ask some pointed questions such as, "have you worked for this company before and placed any candidates with them?", "tell me more about your company, about your role", "how long has your company been in operation?", etc.


Addressing recruiters and employment agencies is just one of the ways the WorkHorseU program and personal program coaches help develop the largest pool of potential opportunities and take the next step in their career journey!