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For our HR colleagues - Two Meaningful Alternatives to Full-Service Outplacement Support

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As an HR Professional you are in a unique, and sometimes not so envious position, when organizational changes have to be made.  Naturally, your thoughts are with the people within your organization who you support on a daily basis - but at the same time you must manage the business side of business which often results in making difficult decisions.

If you find yourself in the tricky spot of working with senior leaders to reduce operational expenses, while trying to support those affected by the resulting necessary organizational changes - you may be interested in two CMS program options that have been designed to provide truly meaningful career transition support but are below the full-service outplacement program price range. They include:

Option 1 - Basic Outplacement Program

Our Basic Program is a personalized outplacement program designed to help one determine critical next steps in their career, develop an effective presentation of their skills and experience, and provide them with resources to help market themselves and succeed at interviews. It includes:

  • Formal career assessment and one-on-one consultation,
  • One-on-one, professional résumé writing, and
  • 3 months access to our proprietary online program, The Canadian Career Management System©

Option 2 – Virtual Outplacement

Our Virtual Outplacement Program is an online, self-managed and self-paced job search assistance program. It includes 100+ pages of modern, easy-to-follow, in-depth, career planning and job search philosophies, tools, techniques, resources, and exercises. The virtual outplacement program essentially covers all of the information and resources as in our full-service program materialsbut reflects a self-paced and self-managed approach to career transition. 

If you think that either of these options may add benefit to separation packages you may find yourself preparing, please connect with me directly and I will be pleased to provide you with more details. 

Louise Hack

437.222.0798, [email protected]