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‘ Outplacement Outtakes ‘ v.27 – How Practical Job Search Tools Create the Biggest Pool of Opportunities for Candidates like Michael

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There are three main pillars that can describe the CMS full-service outplacement program.  In last week’s blog, we discussed the value of Pillar #1 during job loss and career transition when emotions tend to run very high: personalized program coaching.

This week we focus on Pillar #2, which is equally essential to reaching the goal of our outplacement program which of course, is to help job search candidates, like Michael, find new, fulfilling employment as quickly as possible.

Michael joined our program after more than 12 years with his previous employer in the telecommunications sector.  Luckily for him, he had not had the need to write a résumé or launch a job search for many years and was overwhelmed with the thought of what he needed to do first, leaving him quite unsettled.

With the help of his assigned CMS program coach, the practical tools and job search strategies inherent to the success of our programs were customized to Michael’s individual needs.  All CMS candidates have access to our online, proprietary program materials, The Canadian Career Management System© for the latest job search philosophies and resources.  The program materials are designed in a comprehensive, step-by-step fashion and are easy for everyone to navigate – no matter their technical skills.

In Michael’s case, he found great value in the formal career assessment and personal goal setting modules to help him quiet his mind and zero in on what was important to him and his family at that point in time.  Working through the exercises quietly on his own, and then discussing them in detail with his coach was fundamental to the decision-making process about his next career move and paramount to the strategies implemented for the next stage of his program.

Included in the 100+ pages of rich content, our program modules include friendly, professional informational videos, personalized exercises, external links to job search resources as well as a database of résumé writing examples.  For a complete table of contents of our program materials, please email me directly.

Strategic Job Search Resources, through our Virtual Outplacement Program Option

Each full-service program at CMS is managed by a dedicated, proactive program coach who works one-on-one with candidates like Michael to apply these resources to their personal circumstances and career goals, current skills-set and market trends, and may result in molding their CMS program around retirement, entrepreneurship, re-training, or vertical job change goals.

However, for those offered our virtual outplacement program, the online resources offer the same program outline, personal exercises, practical tools, job search philosophies and strategies.  The virtual program provides in-depth, comprehensive job search assistance, but in a self-managed, DIY format.  This program ensures that we still offer valuable resources but at a cost-effective price point.

Ensuring that our program materials are thorough and consistently up to date means that both full-service and virtual CMS job search candidates have access to meaningful strategies, tools and resources designed to accelerate their career transition.