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For our HR Colleagues - Implementing Organizational Changes can have Profound Effects on HR Teams

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The role of human resources is integral to making necessary organizational changes as efficient and as effective as possible. However, the effects of implementing difficult company decisions, especially when it comes to laying off staff can be profound on HR team members.

As an HR professional, you are in the unique position of working between strategic corporate goals and the individual human beings that support the operations.  In many cases, you have developed relationships with the people you must separate from the company, people who may have a long history with your group – this is no easy task no matter how many times you’ve had to do it over the course of your career, and the effects of which should never be taken lightly. 

The goal at CMS is to help to alleviate the stress that your HR team will often endure during these difficult times. 

Having third party, objective support to act as a compassionate sounding board and help ease the tension during the planning and delivery of difficult news can make all the difference.

Working with your direct managers and HR leaders, your partners at CMS will help to determine the best, most compassionate approach for the employee's exit from the organization.  By sharing our vast experience, we will work to develop a customized solution that fits your circumstances.

In addition, you and your HR team members will always have a friendly, familiar voice at CMS to call on – someone who truly understands the stress you are under during the planning of difficult meetings.  We are always open to listening to your personal worries about the situation, offering objective perspective and working to ensure professional support is provided to streamline sensitive meetings and the provision of outplacement support nationwide.  In fact, providing professional, compassionate and efficient support to our HR colleagues is paramount to the reputation we have developed since CMS’s founding in 1981.

If there is an upcoming situation that you are concerned about, would like to have help with or would just like to, confidentially, brainstorm about best possible options, please don’t hesitate to connect with me directly.  Consultations are always complimentary and I would be pleased to help you.

Kind regards,

Louise Hack and the CMS Team