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‘ Outplacement Outtakes ‘ v.23 – Last-Minute Reminders to Help Calm Adrian before an Important Meeting

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As we have discussed over the last several weeks, interview preparation is key to one’s job search success. However, once interview day finally arrives our outplacement program candidates may need some help to stay focused on all the preparation they have completed!

As we can all relate, nerves can sometimes get the better of us and working with our candidates to make sure they stay mindful enough of their emotional states so that they can change them when necessary is very important.

This was the case with Adrian when he was asked to interview for a senior level communications role for a legal firm in Toronto.  The job description and the reputation of the firm were very appealing to Adrian, and he desperately wanted the opportunity to join their team.  His eagerness however was getting the best of him, as his Program Coach found during their conversation about the job opportunity the day before the interview.  Adrian was clearly enthusiastic about the job as he bounced from idea to idea in his practiced responses and appeared to be unorganized in his thinking and delivery –  and gave the impression that he was quite frantic.

Without the opportunity to speak to a calm, objective Program Coach at CMS, Adrian wouldn’t have developed the awareness of how he was presenting himself, and how he could change it.  His CMS Program Coach worked to bring his energy down slightly so that he could think clearly and speak more methodically about the strengths and experience he could bring the this law firm.  Working with Adrian though some writing exercises to help crystallize his thinking, and through some mindfulness and breathing exercises to help measure his state were key to the confident presentation Adrian made during that important interview.

Additional interview day reminders and last-minute conversations that Adrian had with his CMS Program Coach fell along the lines of:

  • The importance of researching the company, and the industry.
  • Clarification of the reasons he wanted the job.
  • The awareness of any negative self-talk.
  • The impact his body language and non-verbal communication can make.
  • Awareness of potential behaviour-based interview questions.
  • The importance of asking his own questions, and taking responsibility for hisinterview.

Unfortunately, all interviews don’t follow one guideline which makes it impossible to fully anticipate what to expect in each situation but helping candidates like Adrian become fluent in how they communicate their skills and experience and to make them aware of potential scenarios they will encounter go a long way to help.

It’s important for us at CMS to make sure our outplacement program candidates don’t despair if the first couple of interviews they experience don’t go as well as they had hoped.  We must remind them to think of them as practice, and the next experience will undoubtedly be more positive.  Having the support of a CMS Program Coach during this process ensures that our career transition candidates persevere and never give up, until that new job offer arrives!