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‘ Outplacement Outtakes ‘ v.24 – Provoking Ken’s Curiosity into Job Search Trends (and helping to confirm his direction!)

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As part of helping their candidates look for a new job, CMS Program Coaches also encourage their outplacement program clients to explore current job market trends and outlooks as they relate to their particular industry, position, and career stage so that they can anticipate outcomes and potential challenges, and also change course if need be.

When Ken joined our program, he had just left his office administration role in the healthcare industry after 3 years of service.  He told his Program Coach that loved working within healthcare, but he didn’t really love the office environment.  He found sitting for long periods of time difficult and felt he needed to move around more! The difficulties that the COVID pandemic brought discouraged many from the healthcare field, but for Ken it just drove home the fact that helping others was his calling.  Through his CMS outplacement program, we utilized our career assessment and goal setting tools to help confirm for Ken that nursing was a compatible profession for him to pursue – and was a realistic pursuit at this time of his life.

In addition, we encouraged Ken to use some resources and the links provided in our online program to help him further explore nursing as a profession in Canada.  When he looked at the Canadian Career Outlooks for Nurses at the federal government website, Ken could see in black and white that his career prospects in that field were excellent – further confirming for him that an education in nursing was what he needed to do.

Looking for a new job, and especially contemplating a career change, generally sparks interest into employment trends, current news and articles about career transition topics.  That is why we are sure to include a section at the end of our program materials, that invites curiosity into these subjects by providing links to related content such as the one Ken used to help confirm his new career direction!

It’s our hope that by providing this type of information to all CMS job seekers, that we help to round-out their experience with our outplacement program and aid in their education and growth during their temporary career transitions.