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‘ Outplacement Outtakes ‘ v.25 – Encouraging Organization, Engagement and the Utilization of Powerful Job Search Tools

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It is important to us at CMS that our outplacement program candidates have a well-rounded experience while working with us.  Encouraging the organization of their job search, the use of personal exercises as well as a program feedback questionnaire is part of how we accomplish this.

For Deepika, the overwhelming feelings she had while navigating her job search were sometimes unbearable.  She had not had to organize a job search for some time and it felt like a daunting task.  Career transitions rarely follow a straight line.  They are coupled with a lot of uncertainty, unknown factors and personal fears that can often paralyze or take people off course.

For candidates like Deepika, the step by step nature of the CMS program materials helped to keep her focused on one task at a time, in a logical order.  In addition, as she reported in her program feedback questionnaire, the ability to utilize our Job Search Tracking Tool was important to her success.  The CMS Job Search Tracking Tool, she told us, enabled her to visualize both what she had already accomplished in her job search journey, and what she had left to pursue.  It also gave her an easy way to record successes and areas for improvement when it came to interviewing and acted as a journal where she could document topics needed for discussion with her Program Coach.

Being able to follow a clear, step-by-step process was essential to Deepika’s job search success as it substantially reduced her stress and anxiety typically felt by those left to their own devices.  Working with her CMS Program Coach through the logical order of modules including Personal Goal Setting, Résumé Writing, Résumé Marketing and Interview Preparation gave Deepika a sense of control, and helped to maintain her focus on her end goal.

It’s our hope that by providing these tools to all CMS job seekers, that we help to complete their experience with our outplacement program.  And, by offering them the use of our Program Feedback Questionnaire we hope to empower them and also to learn from their input!