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Zero Program Time Lost – Ensuring a Truly Personalized Outplacement Program Experience

#careertransitionprogram #careertransitionprograms #careertransitionservices #hr #hrmanagers #hrsupport #humanresources #outplacement #outplacementcanada #outplacementprograms Oct 18, 2023

 When an employee is made redundant, they are sure to respond with waves of emotions and thoughts about their initial and future next steps.  Generally, they will need time to focus in on what is important to them, their families and for their careers going forward.

As our Program Coaches develop a personalized plan of action for the job search candidates they work with, they invariable must work to help them quiet their thoughts and strategically prioritize next steps.

This may mean working through formal career assessment and personal goal setting exercises or talking with our independent financial counsellor.  The results of which may mean that our candidate will work with us to develop a new résumé and résumé marketing plan immediately, or it may mean they need to place their CMS program on hold while they engage in educational upgrade programs, take a mental health break, speak to a financial planner, or simply take time to plan future goals with their family members.

Regardless, and no matter which full-service CMS outplacement program they are enrolled in, CMS candidates will never lose program time with us. Their CMS Program Coach will manage each individual program ensuring that there is ZERO PROGRAM TIME LOST due to retraining or personal circumstances that prevent participation.  For example, if a Bronze level program participant, through the course of the career assessment exercise, decides to enrol in course to enhance their skills-set and job opportunities, their CMS program will be placed ON HOLD and resumed once they have completed the course, ensuring that no part of their 6-week pro-active service is lost.

Ensuring zero-time lost as part of our full-service outplacement program, ensures that our programs are truly personalized to individual circumstances; and, you can be assured that your former employees are not enrolled in a cookie-cutter career transition program when they work with the team at CMS!